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Artcars at Artscape has been transferred to the aLtskape venue alongside the Artscape location. 

Read about it in the CITYPAPER article from 7/5/06
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For those unfamiliar with aLtsKape, aLtskape is hosted by L o    A  d  oF   Fu N Galerie, a newly established artists’ studio facility and galerie (see, aLtskape is presenting a program of music events, art performances and installations, light displays and gallery exhibitions coincidental with the Artscape event, July 20th – 23rd , 2006.

aLtskape, is situated in the Station North Arts and Entertainment District adjacent to Artscape and is located at the junction of Howard Street and West North Avenue (directly opposite the Howard Street Bridge).  The aLtskape site is less than 100 yards across the bridge from the Artscape venue on Mount Royal Avenue.  Much of the pedestrian and vehicular traffic both to and from Artscape will pass through our site.

At this late stage we are in overdrive to pick up the Artcar event, so PLEASE be patient!  We are currently at the point of formalizing the location for aRtcars.  We have 3 potential locations, the best of which is the sidewalk opposite the LoAd of F u N Studios, in front of the MICA Morgan Building.  Hopefully we can lock in this GREAT location. (see below).  We will keep everyone informed as we go along.


Please fill out and return the attached form so that we can add your name to the publicity list.  This will also formalize your inclusion in aLtscape aRtcars.

aLtscape aRtcars is NOT an official event of Artscape.  THAT MEANS …. you are welcome to sell any art related/vehicle related materials at your site.

Thanks for your participation

Sherwin Mark

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